In other words, a joseki is fair to both players. A player should of course prefer a variation that gives a favorable result, but be satisfied with joseki in the context of . Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in a joseki, and you later turn to a joseki dictionary to see what that move means. Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary was last updated: Wednesday, February 25, Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary (KJD) is the world’s most extensive software joseki.

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Submit a new text post. Mon Nov 08, 5: Thanks to Justin Kramer for creating the superb Eidogo. Hopefully that someone is a player strong enough to be right. While it is nice to see all intermediate stages, it does take an awful lot of screen space to present josekis like this. Josekipedia can store an unlimited amount of joseki information. Reductions and invasions are covered, but finding the right sequence of stones to play to get to them is hard.

How many times has this happened to you? I’ve been wondering about certain positions that arise often. If you are still insisting on buying such a dictionary, you may also consider buying a joseki dictionary in a language you can’t read.

It is really great to see which joseki are actually the most common and review the games in which a sequence is used. Thanks again for your thoughts. Josekipedia was designed and created by Adam Miller, who may be reached at adum adum. Right now, I don’t think there is an all-in-one comprehensive, modern joseki dictionary in English.

It looks very limited to me; looking at learngo.


Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary

Color Coded By color coding moves by type good move, bad move, etc. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot dictiojary your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

If you really can’t figure out whether the sequence given is even or good for white or for black, you should improve in other areas first. Edit page Discuss page 2.

I would really like something with the functionality of joseki. When you start having a proper shape intuition, you’ll be able to learn josekis much faster.

Features Unlimited Joseki Database Josekipedia jooseki store an unlimited amount of joseki information. Just because a joseki has fallen into disuse in the pro world doesn’t mean you can’t use it with great success and even “discarded” josekis pop up in games on occassion. I have found errors in both, and I have not explored them exhaustively. Linking to Positions Josekipedia supports linking directly to positions in the tree.

Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. I use this one: They are both useful resources, just don’t take them as gospel.

Sequences load dynamically from the server on demand, so the client loads fast. Wikipedia is an example of this.

To help solve dictlonary problem, Josekipedia uses a standard set of labels, one or more of which can be applied to any position. Most of these moves are very deep in variations like large avalanche and taisha. Logo created by Jimena Vabm.

EidoGo – Go Games, Pattern Search, Joseki Tutor, SGF Editor

One problem with this approach is that it doesn’t contain any explanations or refutations. Log in or sign up in seconds. Josekipedia supports linking directly to positions in the tree. To help joski understand them, I would like to study the joseki moves. Which joseki are applied in certain fuseki pattern What are the follow-up moves in a joseki pattern: Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary last edited by I’m a top contributor at JP The sourced variations are accurate, though their description is sometimes off.


Much thanks to Saito Takaaki who has contributed important improvements to the codebase. Mon Dec 31, 9: Mon Nov 08, Also, to paraphrase kageyama: Although I suggest using a database, I don’t think we amateurs should follow pro joseki religiously. This one is the best in the sense that you immediately see how the board will look like afterwards, so you can choose proper Joseki according to your current context.

The overview contains examples of professional games dicrionary illustrate in which typical situations one applies certain variations. By clicking the permalink item at the top of the app, the address bar will show the current location. Crowdsourced Crowdsourced means that the content comes from a large body of people, and any competent people can contribute. Each query will dlctionary in a list of all games featuring the selected opening pattern and besides a variation tree containing all encountered continuations merged and ordered by hit dictioanry.

EidoGo is amazing, Poor joseki. Google [Bot] and 6 guests. This also makes it easy to revert changes. To become a master of Go is not easy, ioseki became an amateur 5D or 6D it’s not hard.