Synopsis. A story of love, destiny and feuding families with extraordinary powers, descended from the heroes of ancient Greece, Dreamless is the second book. Starcrossed is a young adult fantasy romance novel by American author Josephine Angelini. The novel was followed by the sequels Dreamless and Goddess, and received praise from critics and fantasy authors amidst its release. Dreamless by Josephine Angelini – review. ‘From the weak, vulnerable, clueless character, she turns into a heroine, realising her true power.

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The novel was followed by the sequels Dreamless and Goddessand received praise from critics and fantasy authors amidst its release. The god of war? He is sweet and Helen sees him as a brother-figure, even though it seems he would like to be more. The wait for Dreamless was a long one, so I couldn’t wait to dive right in the day it was released. I mean, I quite liked Helen’s torture at the beginning.

Now I want to talk about that ludicrous plot of yours. But it’s not the type of frustration that results from annoyance: I couldn’t put it down. But, yes, I’m still going to read the book. I loved being in his head and seeing what he was thinking. Jun 19, Annabelle Marie Veronica rated it really liked it Shelves: There’s no character development between you and any of the characters.

It uses Greek mythology, right? I completely adore him and would be totally satisfied if the entire book revolved around him dancing with seagulls.

Dec 19, hayden rated it really liked it Shelves: Helen spends a lot of time descending to Hades in her sleep where she meets the super hot Orion guess my ship but can’t tell whose side he’s on. I NEED this book! What about the other characters? Return to Book Page. Orion, descended from Adonis and with the power to control desire, he is the heir to the house of Rome and an outcast.


Helen’s character turned from stupid silly Mary Sue to someone I could actually sympathize with.

It’s not the same thing as dating your brother looks in the angeloni of Clary Fray though it’s not exactly what I’d consider Josephine Angelini is a Massachusetts native and the youngest of eight siblings. At the beginning of the novel, I wasn’t thinking this was how it was going to happen and when I found out it was, I was instantly relieved.

Okay, Angelini, you know what?!?!?! The story follows a girl named Helen Hamilton, who is gradually revealed to be a modern-day Helen of Troy.

A sequel to Angelini’s bestselling novel Starcrossed, this book explores the life of Helen Hamillton, a Scion with extraordinary power.

To see full review click here: He’s not a replacement for Lucas.

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

But your author renamed him, probably because calling a guy Paris isn’t going to make him sound like Edward Cullen which is what I think she was striving towards. Um, no they’re not. My Lucas, Helen and Orion: ZACK I felt really sorry for Zack in this one, and was sad to see some of his choices but glad to see others. When you’re one of the most useless characters in YA literature. While discussing Helen, Sonja Bolle of angelinii Los Angeles Times stated, “Hers is a road I’m eager to travel; the second book in this series, Dreamlessis slated for May —not soon enough, as far as I’m concerned.

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

So what would I recommend not to do? I just couldn’t stop reading it; it was as if I myself was stuck within the josephibe smothered between words, trying to claw my way out of Helen and Lucas’s mesmerizing world yet failing to do so without much care at all. But angepini worry, I’m not bottom of the class or anything. If you really love each other, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re related or not.


Or maybe taking responsibility for your actions and not solving every problem like the furies like a freaking bad Saturday morning cartoon. And I used this particular example because it was really gross and unnecessary just about like the rest of the ange,ini of this book. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m so skinny I look drexmless I should be sectioned.

I am sure that the conclusion will be explosive and almost too awesome to be real, and I am ridiculously excited.

I said to shut up. Feb 01, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: Without Lucas by her side, can Helen stop The Furies and moreover what price will she have to pay?

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini – review

Did your author take dfeamless acid trip when she read Edith Hamilton’s Mythology? I wasn’t looking forward to a long, grueling journey where the heroine would be away from everyone in Nantucket for so long. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Aug 04, Michelle marked it as to-read.

Helen is oblivious to her family ancestry since her mother abandoned her as a child, she lives with her single father on an the island Nantucket which is east of Massachusetts on the Atlantic.