The winder is a 4-rope Koepe winding machine with integrated motor. This type of design of the winder guarantee long-term stability of the entire drive system. Assembly of the winder in the workshop. 4-Rope Koepe winder. 3+1 Channel brake system. ▫ Statement of the investment and operating costs. ▫ Comparison of . The objective of this study is to monitor four Koepe winder head ropes, which have six triangular-shaped strands and are 38 mm in diameter, by.

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To reduce handling to a minimum and to ensure that the used head rope could be recovered intact so that it can be used as a tail rope if necessary, the following procedure was adopted after much deliberation see Fig.

The former is designed to lift heavy loads outside the headgear from ground level to the engine room floor or to lift loads in the engine room. Headgear To a large extent, the headgear is designed as a box-type structure with a minimum of smoothly painted surfaces which make it especially resistant to corrosion.

The skips are discharged loepe swinging out the tubs by use of slewing beams operated by hydraulic cylinders. Following acceptance of the study, the decision was taken within a few weeks to implement it.

If you imagine the rope at the top, wineer both pit cages and the rope connecting wider at the bottom, you can nearly see a circle. The tall ropes are attached to the bridle tailpiece by means of sealed ball-bearing swivels and straight wedge-type cappels.


The headgear during sinking, therefore, had to be robust to serve the shaft after the addition of the tower-mounted Koepe winder. A simple and effective method was devised to do this:. This is of importance when the winder is operating under semi-automatic conditions. The purpose of this controller is constant control of the rate of retardation irrespective of any variation of load.

Underground mining Vertical transport devices Winches. Highly durable plastic lining of the rope grooves saves much wear to the hoisting windef.

The spring loaded keeps or jack catches are as shown in Fig. They are secured to the steelwork by phosphor bronze bolts whose heads are countersunk into the timber.

Technical Information

To guide the skips in the shaft on ropes to minimise the time-consuming installation work in the shaft. A friction hoist is smaller in diameter than a drum hoist for the same service, making it wineer to ship and install than a drum hoist.

Basic Search Advanced search options Archives. Its peripheral length is approximately 65 feet. Views Read Edit View history. The two main winders at ground level are fully occupied handling material and men while the Koepe winder handles all the ore from the lowest loading place in the shaft. It has been found convenient, in such cases, to construct a concrete headgear designed for the addition of a tower-mounted Koepe winder or a ground-mounted drum winder.

The new bridle is moved into the compartment, the head ropes are attached and then the tail rope connections are put on.

Successive relays are actuated until the speed reference is reduced to creep speed in ten steps. The cappels is connected to the bridle.


There is also an external fixed helical rig with the same pitch as the centre thread. The execution of the project commenced in The ore pass control chute is fitted with a pneumatic radial cut-off door.

The carriage had to wknder high enough to enable the crosshead and tailpiece to clear the track, and a bogey allows the carriage to negotiate curves in the track near the shaft. The braking force is derived from many helical springs held in compression. The discharge flask is also lined with special steel plates. The winder is moved to release the suspension clamp on the new rope at bank level.

This enables the tub to wimder replaced more quickly; it is exposed to wear and tear by the ore.

The installation of a Koepe winding plant at a working shaft: Part I – EE Publishers

The guide frame is hooked into wineer tripod block frame to keep foundation work at the shaft collar to a winddr. The use of an integrated 3-phase asynchronous motor is an absolute novelty. The new tail rope, wound onto the rope service winder and with a cappels attached, is passed over the sheave wheel and is lowered to the shaft bottom.

Two tonne hydraulic jacks raise and support the drum shaft. Supplies and services to be provided by us included: