Before going to explain Kuji-Kiri, let me give a short introduction of Hand Seals. . *ninjutsu 3. Martial arts require some outer look at your own. Kuji-Kiri means “Nine symbolic cuts”. It is a technique that belongs to the esoteric Buddhist tradition. From the outside, it seems to consist in drawing nine lines in. Watch these Kuji Kiri videos to understand more about the forms and the Ninjutsu Bujinkan Black Belt Course Curriculum at Bushindo University, online of on.

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Easy to start years to master The moment you start practicing Kuji-In, it will take effect in various forms of enhancements: Do you have any form of social media. The visualization point is the throat. The ZEN focal point is the expansion of the heavens and the visualization is that of an infinite vast light filing a void with oneself as a part of it.

The Mystery of Kuji Kiri Revealed

Learn how and when to remove these miri messages. The concept is that all matter consists of energy waves that are being constantly re-created.

Now when the symbol is drawn, make the respective ninjutsj with hands and chant name of Kuji with a strong Kiai, either physically or inwardly. I’m in need of a mentor. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. Historically, this ninjugsu be in preparation for battle or training. Ukiyo-e depicting Ninja performing Kuji. Comments Trackbacks 0 Leave a Reply.

I assure you I’m not like the other people on here.


The nine hand gestures or cuts correspond with mantras that serve to ninjutsi energy change and in some cases, inspire enlightenment.

Missing Nin 19 August at Some believe that the physical manifestation of the chakra is found in the endocrine system.

The visualization is a large stream of light radiating from the lower chakras and extending upward. On the other hand, the beta waves decreased dramatically, whereas they would have otherwise remained high.

Originally a Buddhist practice, this sequence of hand gestures was adopted by the ninja, who used to perform the hand signals twice a day, in the morning and at night, and also before entering enemy territory.

In particular, needs cites, needs better clarification as to what this actually is: I think both almost means the same thing. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The sixth chakra is associated with the pineal gland and it is said the route by which the kirk meets the Holy Spirit. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Missing Nin 9 September at This area is located two inches below the naval and is regarded ninjutsy a reservoir for vital energy.

Kuji-In: 9 Seals of Spiritual Power

Qigong is a similar system based on energy centers called dantian. Yet, Kuji-In will keep on delivering new abilities and expand your awareness over years of practice. From the outside, it seems to consist in drawing nine lines in the form of a grid, then drawing a symbol on the grid.

This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. The Buddhist movement spread through China and later to Japan circa A. There is heavy debate over whether the practice of kuji kiri is safe, or too great a risk that the doors it opens may serve as a gateway for evil spirits.


If you enjoy the free material please consider a donation. Also note that Kuji-In was created and conveyed first by priests, not by ninjas. The seal is first performed vertically then horizontally.

Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu: Shinobi Hand Seals: Kuji Kiri (Part 1)

The visualization for this kuji is fire or raw energy. The Yoga of Ninjutsu.

This high-level kuji requires delicate care. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, mental abilities, comprehension, quickness of body and mind, and open the doors to great spiritual depth. Kuji-In was first created for everyone to use, around BC in India. Japanese martial arts terminology Ninjutsu skills Martial arts terminology stubs. I want to learn more. Middle fingers raised, other fingers straight interlocked, thumbs meet index.

Do you know any reliable Kuji-in practitioners? The implications of this kuji are profound in theory, allowing the practitioner control over time and space by opening the mind to the perception of different flows of energy. This can mean control of natural elements such as the sky, river, trees and even animals to assist the practitioner in their intention. I can only tell you one thing that it’s all about belief. Retrieved from ” https: Thank you for your reply.

Trackbacks There are no trackbacks yet. I’ve nninjutsu working with chi for years. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. He then put me against a 1st degree brown belt.