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Like this all the four gates have towers and storey. The Parashakthi does not have either beginning or end and she is the basis of the entire world. The doors to the top of these towers are joined by iron nails. Definitely it is only for you. Thus Lord Kameswara married the Goddess Lalitha and all the people in the three worlds praised them. Due to orders of Lord Brahma, Viswakarma architect of devas and Maya architect of asuras built the marriage mantap stage with gold and gems and tied banana stem, areca nut stems, sugarcane and garlands made of various flowers as well the never fading garlands.

And that garland fell sobanam the neck of the Lord Kameswara.

Lalithambal shobanam

Vedavalli No lyrics text found for this track. So they thought bad wishes should never be made for if it coincides with the saying of shobajam devas, it would really happen. For saving shobaam and looking after them and for entry in to the town Lord Brahma gave them the Pushpaka Vimana. She showered water of Ganges on them as if the water was coming from the trunk of an elephant, The Shakthis drank the divine water and regained their strength and started the fighting with renewed vigour.

Lalithambal shobanam | Indusladies

Lapithambal your video choices. The Goddess Lalitha came with Devas playing their musical instruments and Gandharwas singing and Deva Dasis dancing and the pure sages showering flowers. Hearing that the sons of Bandasura have come to fight, The Goddess sent Balamba to fight with them. Lalithambal sobhanam tamil text GirijaramanOct 8,in forum: Music for your Website.

Goddess was scared and ran away and as per the advice oh her father started doing penance. Seller Details View Store. We have laltihambal told you a small portion of the billions of prayers to you by goddess Lakshmi, Khubera, fire, devas, Garuda, Kinnaras, Sidhas, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva who all prayed to your great form. Green coloured ones, cut green ones, one who wears ear drops, One who is the colour of dusk, Fully blue coloured ones and other five coloured ones, Durgadevils called Pidari.


She had mirror like cheeks and in both her ears she was wearing several ornaments like Kundalam, Vaali, Chandra muruku and so on.

So When Bandasura got a good position, he did follow the Dharma. The devas found out only the Goddess who would marry Shiva can kill her. Though initially this Bandasura was pious, later he waged a war against devas.

Lalithambal Sobanam – 2. The God Shiva made fire sacrifice with ghee, performed Pani Grahanam holding of her handmade her climb on the grinding stone and took three rounds around the fire and the three eyed one, did offer puffed rice to the fire.

To kill the bad Bandasura, Kamesa gave her an arrow, Getting it from him the mother bent her bow to the maximum limit and placed the Kamesa arrow which was shining like billions of Suns, repeated the chant and pulled it till her ears and sent it.

That Mohini happily stood in between those who were fighting, she wore anklets with bell, peacock feather and other ornaments of the leg. To those who tell this Shobanam with love and devotion on Navarathri, Pournami, Fridays, there would never be any sorrow in their life. Let Good things happen. Thus mother killed Bandasura at the dusk.

The sinner Sarpeni as per his orders begot serpents all over her body. Hearing about the incarnation of the Goddess, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva came there.

Can anyone please help me in sending a link to the lyrics and link to either download or hear it online? Guranda was killed by Aswarooda.

Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil)

Shobanaj was wearing over her head a crown made of gems. Similar to getting cured from diseases, all the world attained pleasure and prosperity grew there. Once upon a time lalithamal Devendra was taking a round the three worlds on shobanamm white elephant, he lost all his senses and due to his pride, did not bother to salute Lord Shiva or the Goddess Parvathi. The army of Bandasura started to win over the Goddess. Your item has been added to Shortlist. So if you do the charity that I tell, you would be benefited.


The apsara maidens, devas praised the Varahi who had come for a war and praised Varahi using her twelve names. Then Banda made appear innumerable mountain like monkeys and sent them to attack the Goddess.

They also brought several flowers with scent like Maru Kozhundu, Pichi, jasmine, Iruvakshi, Let good things happen. Then the evil Banda sent the arrow of Kali Yuga and the Mlechas who were mixed in that and the Goddess Kalyani shook, the little finger of her left hand and from that came the exulting God Kalki and killed all the Mlechas who were ruffians.

Lalithambal Sobanam – 2 | lli Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

Then as per the advice of Brahma they prayed. We’ve received your report and will correct the listing shortly. Her talent for music was identified early on by Madurai Srirangam Iyengar, lalithqmbal bought the five year old a harmonium, and started her on vocal lessons.

On his left shoulder he created another brother called Shobanan. The mad Bandasura again sent Visukra and Vidanga with orders that they should win. She came out of the fort of fire and saw good omens, The incomparable asuras beat their drums, blew horns loudly and started fighting with the Shakthi devis and then the Shakthi devis started killing the asuras. He sent Sumukha who had earlier stolen Vedas and other Asuras at her. So those who lalighambal have the wealth, due to the grace of God lost their sins and got blessings.

So he was in the grip of illusion and the devas started living happily.