White-collared Kite Leptodon forbesi It resembles the widespread Gray- headed Kite (Leptodon cayanensis), the two sharing relatively large size, dark gray. Leptodon forbesi occurs in north-east Brazil in Pernambuco, where it is known from the type specimen taken in (Bierregaard et al. ) and recent. Leptodon forbesi click to enlarge. Distribution: Neotropical. Endemic to northeastern BRAZIL (Alagoas, Pernambuco).more. Subspecies.

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A large kite, it is blackish above and white below, with a white leading edge to the wing and white underwing- coverts.

White-collared kite

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. BirdLife International March, http: The grey-headed kite builds a thin platform nest of sticks and twigs, high in the forest canopy, and lays a clutch of two to three eggs 7. The calls of this species include a rapid series of short, high kua-kua-kua-kua notes, as well as a nasal call which somewhat resembles that of a peacock 3 Conduct research into the impact of land-use change on the species Pereira et al.

After a pause, it vocalized again on a hidden perch in the odd slow manner 2 notes per secabout one song per minute, for about 25 minutes. The coastal Atlantic forest is a narrow strip of about 50 to kilometres along the coast, which covers about 20 percent of the Atlantic Forest region.

Embed this Arkive thumbnail link “portlet” by copying and pasting the code below. The birds have been seen on this top of the hill by park guards a lephodon times, where they suspect a pair has a nest. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. White underwing-coverts and white leading edge of the wings are both very noticeable in the field and diagnostic. Retrieved from ” https: Coverts Small feathers concealing the bases of larger flight feathers, usually on the wings or tail.


It apparently inhabits humid forest at elevations up to c. Help us share the wonders of the natural world. Conduct field and museum studies to clarify its taxonomic status including DNA analysis.

Justification of Red List Category This species is classified as Endangered because it has a very small known population, in areas where habitat loss is continuing. Taxonomic Relating to taxonomy, the science of classifying organisms, grouping together animals which share common features and are thought to have a common ancestor. The behavior of this species is very poorly known, although it likely is similar to that of the Gray-headed. Approaching the site, I heard the bird vocalizing slowly.

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White-collared kite videos, photos and facts – Leptodon forbesi | Arkive

Very similar to more widely distributed Grey-headed Kite Leptodon cayanensis from which differs on white head and leading edge to wings and white underwing coverts. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. It is very similar to the more widespread grey-headed kite L. Probably same bird as XC and XC bird-seen: MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up fforbesi, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends.


Recommended citation BirdLife International Species factsheet: Descriptive notes Male 50 cm, g; female 49 cm, g. The white-collared kite was previously considered a possible variant of the closely-related grey-headed kite, Leptodon cayanensis 2 5 7 Blue-banded kingfisher Alcedo leptoddon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Indiscriminate small-scale logging was still occurring at the site inand the area is further threatened by fires lleptodon from adjacent sugarcane plantations. Black-breasted buzzard Hamirostra melanosternon.

A morpho juvenile White-collared Kite.

This species is classified as Critically Endangered. Yellow-faced Amazon Alipiopsitta xanthops. However, it can be distinguished from the adult grey-headed kite by the white collar, white rather than black leading edge to the wings, white underwing- covertswhiter forehead, and different tail pattern 2 3 5 7 8. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia14 4: Lepfodon credit Link to this image Add to scrapbook How you can use this image.

Review terms and conditions page for details. White-collared Kite Leptodon forbesi March, http: Secondaries In birds, the shorter flight feathers projecting along the inner edge of the wing.

Leptodon forbesi

Many features of this site will not work without javascript. The adult has a forbesii head with white hindneck, black upperparts, white underparts, and a grey tail with a very broad, black subterminal band and whitish tip.

The Atlantic coastal forest of Brazil is highly threatened by habitat loss, mainly in the form of clearance for sugarcane and coffee plantations, and pressure from urbanisation 7 8