Liber Trigrammaton subFigura XXVII by Crowley. Original key entry by Fr. H.B. in New York 1/23/90 e.v. ASCII conversion by Bill Heidrick, T.G. of O.T.O. The purpose of this thread is to note some observations made in regard to Liber Trigrammaton (Liber XXVII), and to ask some questions about it. Liber Trigrammaton. (English Alphabet Attributions – Class B). Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things. E – The Triple Light, the.

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Love would go on to compile over 20 years of notes and research. Looking at the letter assignments written in the margins, Crowley wrote most of the English letter attributions currently assigned to the trigrams, but then overwrote some the assignments with different letters. But if it was the first try, he later reverted to letters he had written over in this document, which was then published in the New Comment with the full list.

Sf — The Son. When the typist comes to this point, there is a discrepancy with the note in the ms of XXXI.

The winged globe, the starry blue, Are mine, o Ankh-f-n-khonsu! An alternative scenario is that Crowley simply wrote down some of the SV by hand for this Invocation, making scribal errors or corrections as he wrote. I have the view that Trigrammaton refers to the sephiroth, and described the conversion from the trigrams to the sephiroth in my book.

Thelema, The Holy Books of Thelema But since this total indicates that the TEG is the correct gematria for Liber CCXX, we can then proceed to the next step and incorporate the letter-values of this gematria in the next equation.

English Qabalah

If that is the case, AC never implemented the change, so the only argument that can be offered is that he forgot about llber. And he may have given it away to Windram before it could be properly used as an editing tool for the upcoming EQ 1 The first appearance of POTS came in the form below, the reverse is not shown: Love is the law, love under will.


Love possessed a high mathematical aptitude and formal training in Cryptography in the U. These trigramkaton very largely agree with the letters pencilled lbier the Windram copy, but there are some differences.

At some point after the dictation, but not long after, since this instruction was followed by the typistAC wrote, in pencil, a brief indication of which parts of the SV were to be included. Notes on a transitional circle. Of these, two were implemented in a later edition, and the third one was not. The number of this sum is termed the key of that particular word.

Full of numerous errors, it was nonetheless the text used for Liber CCXX in Thelemathe original manuscript having been misplaced at that point, and recovered in the summer of Such a Cardinal is not announced publicly, liiber cannot enjoy the rights of his office until he is officially announced. The original manuscript copy is no longer extant. Also interesting is the Greek libber Soft C, P — The Mother.

Trigrammaton Qabalah

In the TQ, correspondences are created with all the major forms of divination such as I Ching, tarot and runes, as well as Greek and Hebrew alphabets, the qabalistic Tfigrammaton of Life, Western and Vedic luber, magic squares, and the Platonic solids of geometry. So once again we work in the forward direction and multiply the sum of the numbers by the sum of the letters by the value of the 24th glyph.

We have entered the world of sophistry. Considering that he also corrected the line ilber preceding this one, the most likely explanation is that he was indeed correcting the text of the poem, possibly for a future edition of CCXX, but possibly not.


Maybe Ben remembers to whom he has sold these items and access can be granted?

Liber Trigrammaton Decoded

Were there copies of the Holy Books that had the letters printed in them? Gillis inhrigrammaton published on his website since Marina del Rey, Calif.: And a crust of earth concealed the core of flame. However, the basis is clearly there. Love was also a colleague and acquaintance of the late Robert Anton Wilson and a close friend of the late Kerry Wendell Thornleyco-founder of Discordianism.

Maybe someone could supply some further information if it is germane? This work includes a full-size facsimile of the original manuscript XXXIand a typeset version of the same CCXXappearing together for the first time. This section does not cite any sources. ljber

There is a reference in the index at the beginning of the volume, but no text. This was originally done by an unknown typist in Cairo, probably not Crowley, but working under his direction. These are questions that cannot be answered. But the letters appear in four groups of 3, 6, 2 and 8 members.

Liber Trigrammaton

Both Gillis and Stratton-Kent met with Joel Love in and were mutually surprised to find that both Love’s and Gillis’ work contained many striking parallels. In the original handwritten text, the string of letters and numbers in the 76th verse of the second chapter is divided into two lines, the first ending with “Y” and the second beginning with “X”.

His correction outweighs all secondary indications to libre contrary, even when trigrammahon together.

I — The Projectile.