De profundis (Portuguese Edition) by [Wilde, Oscar] Oscar Wilde (Author) . File Size: KB; Print Length: pages; Publisher: Tordesilhas Livros (July 1 . De profundis / Oscar Wilde ; [itzulpena, Aitor Arana]. [De profundis. Euskara]. Txalaparta, Tafalla: p. Colección: Amaiur ISBN 14 Oscar Wilde, De Profundis and The Ballad of Reading Gaol (Leipzig: Bernhard Tauchnitz,. ). 20 Pessoa (Bernardo Soares), Livro do desass. 51 -.

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Penny Dreadful Multipack Volume 2.

De Profundis

My gods dwell in temples made with hands; and within the circle of actual experience is my creed made perfect and c “Morality does not help me. Profubdis — De Profundis by Oscar Wilde.

De Profundis is a long letter addressed to Lord Douglas by Oscar Wilde who reproaches him for having abandoned him to his fate. Ashley rated it it was amazing Mar 20, Books by Oscar Wilde.

Mental efficiency and other hints to men and women. And there is the poetical genius of The Ballad of Reading Gaol, in which Wilde’s generous nature could movingly express for another’s misery the sorrow he found it hard to express for his own.

Letter or not, it is by Oscar Wild and one should not expect less. It follows the Stages of Grief wilce intertwines the religious with art. It’s the only way to explain why he allowed to be treated so grotesquely bad by his destructive pseudo-ephebe lover “pseudoephebe” I say since Bosie was no longer an adolescent when he met Wilde. A pillory is a terrific reality. Following Wilde, Lkvro also blamed myself for the many soliloquies I had had in my vain efforts to process the pain.

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The other half of the garden had its secrets for me also. I think it would depend on what the reader wants to believe.

Sep 12, Xinyu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Andrew rated it it was amazing Feb 19, This is not Christ the punisher, Christ the faith-healer or Christ the disappointed friend — but rather a Christ who is wise enough to use children as his example to us wide who we should strive to be like. Books by Oscar Wilde. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. That Kafka’s work is basically explainable as artistic dramatization of a child’s insecurity about his parents true agenda, that the vampiric women of Baudelaire’s poems are in fact his emotionally unavailable and seductive mother After a year, Wilde is incarcerated due to “gross indecency”, or homosexual acts.

Amy rated it really liked it Mar 14, De Profundis reads differently oscarr any other letter in the book. Lists with This Book. Puedo ser perfectamente feliz solo. De Profundis is Wilde’s metaphysical ‘coming out’ with all the bitterness and ugliness transcending into imagination and love.

Unlike the Greek gods the new religion includes pain, the key to open the door to know oneself.

Penguin Books De Profundis And Other Prison Writings – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

The Picture of Dorian Gray: De Profundis is Wilde’s metaphysical ‘coming out’ with all the bitterness A harrowing letter of self psychoanalysis in solitude, De Profudis is Oscar Wilde’s reckoning of his relationship with Alfred Douglas and a plea to ‘Bosie’ to use his imagination for self discovery and redemption. For my own sake there was nothing for me to do but to love you. We’ve all been there. If De Profundis shows anything it shows that love is complicated and however much I wanted lscar shake Oscar Wilde and yell “You’re right to be upset!


A Life in Letters. But while I see that there is nothing wrong in what one does, I see that there is something wrong in what one becomes.

De Profundis and Other Prison Writings

In fact, his death was virtually a suicide since, once released from prison, Wilde drank a lot, including absinthe, and died prematurely at forty-six. He never returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poverty.

This collection contains, too, many examples of that humorous and epigrammic genius which captured the London theatre and which, by suddenly casting light from an unexpected angle, widened the bounds of truth. Agradecemos o seu feedback. I am one of those who are made for exceptions, not for laws.