The LM series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage ative complement, see LM series data sheet. LM/LMA/LM Package Options. Part. LM V to 37V Adjustable Voltage Regulator. OUTPUT VOLTAGE RANGE: TO 37V OUTPUT CURRENT IN EXCESS A % LINE AND LOAD. The LM series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators is capable of supplying in excess of 1 5A over a. 1 2V to 37V output range They are.

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Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by cornishladAug 20, Aug 20, 1. Jul 31, Help me understand this. I am searching on information on building a 10 amp battery charger. Unless I’ve missed it I didn’t see a note that the diagrams don’t apply to the I started to believe the ohm story anyway However when I happened upon the Wikepedia page for LM I see datasheets from 5 manufacturers all of whom show ohms in their LM datasheets.

This includes Texas Instruments. So where is the thing coming from? Aug 20, 2. Just in case I was asked I’ve been back searching for where I saw the info. It was mostly attributed to AudioGuru and I hadn’t noticed it was always the same person.

I see that person is apparently now banned.

LM Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Is that the end of the story? Aug 20, 3. Nov 9, 5, The output voltage formula is So it the choice of R1 will depend upon the desired dataseet and the choice of R2 and the need to keep a minimum of say 10mA flowing. Aug 20, 4. Nov 23, 8, 6, The LM needs 10 mA holding current and corresponds to ohms at 1.


Aug 20, 5. Mar 31, 23, 7, Here is the Fairchild datasheet for the LM Now let’s consider a few other things that might influence the choice we actually make.

Since the voltage across this resistor is 1. So while this is comfortably above the typical minimum load current of 3. So it is a design datashedt that should be made in view of the application at hand.

As for the adjustment pin current of 0. So while the possible variation in the reference voltage is the more significant of the two, it would be nice to make it truly the dominant error source by reducing the error due to adjustment pin current at least a bit more.

LM317 datasheet..R1,= 120 or 240ohms ??

Aug 20, 6. Aug 20, 7.

I won’t quote the whole reply. Ok I think I follow you drift. The minimum load then includes an actual load? So if anything from an LED indicator upwards was permanently connected a would be fine?

National Semiconductor

The regulation may be less than perfect if the regulator was open circuit using – but why would that matter? Why is it that I’ve yet to find a LM circuit on the net that uses ohms? And the biggest why is why all the manufacturers data sheets show in their typical application notes and don’t make the proviso that you have?


Sorry that’s a lot of questions but let’s get right to the bottom of this. Aug 20, 8. Aug 20, 9. I think I now understand the LM as well as I ever will. Aug 20, Feb 13, 1, Jan 24, Jan 24, 1 0. For low voltage regulator, energy loss is more, if Datasheer is less. For example, for a 5V regulator, if R1 is ohm: Sep 7, 2, Oct 29, 7, 3, Jan 25, Jan 16, 29 0.

I’d like to know WHY you choose a when, if I understand properly, you want to make a Battery charger of up to 10A. Are you planning on driving a thick bit of Silicon with it?

TIP Transistor datasheet help reading Posted by sirchuck in forum: SCR datasheet or equivalant Posted by enduroz in forum: You May Also Like: Here’s a target that reacts when it’s hit by a laser km117.

How Does a Fuse Work?

Understanding the Details of Fuse Operation and Implementation This article provides an overview of some subtle yet important aspects of fuse functionality and design. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Quote of the day.