LTSP is a Thin Client Solution for Linux operating systems. To learn more, browse the resources on this website or click below to see the benefits of LTSP. There is a community LTSP support chatroom on the IRC network Freenode. Developers and ‘s LTSP Tutorial Videos [YouTube]. If you are a government or educational leader, Rais has extra server he may choose to gift to your organization — if you are serious about using LTSP. This gift .

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Set Computer to Boot from Media Now that you have prepared your installation media, it’s time to tell your computer to use it.

Module overlayfs not found” it is a non-issue since aufs is used instead of tuorial. When choosing a subdomain, it would be wise to use an unresolvable top level for your domain such as. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I achieved my thin client setup so I thought it’s about time I added a guide or two!

The following changes DO require a re-creation of the squashfs image: Whilst there are plenty of other LTSP guides out there on the internet they fell short of being helpful to me in 3 ways: Unity is Ubuntu’s default interface in This amount may change depending on the types of software you assign to the users.

If you don’t understand any of the above: The use of dnsmasq provides ease of configurability and maintenance. The red indicates the values which are different from the defaults:. It allows you to set up a diskless workstation environment with not much effort. Installing Edubuntu is easy!


Then head over to the Discussion Forum. In my case, it was requested that at the minimum a web browser, LibreOffice and gcc be provided for the thin clients.

  LEY 27495 PDF

Choose the Wired connection and click Edit. tuhorial

The new LTSP wiki futorial in beta status today. Since it’s a live environment, it will only apply until you restart the system. Also in this model no static addresses will be used. Select the keyboard mapping you are using. This is where you change the settings on your server to tell the server not tugorial obtain an IP address from your router but to instead always use the one you’ve hard coded.

Then toggle over to your Putty Session and right-click once more.

How to install LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) on Ubuntu Server

Tutogial course, the last parameter is the name of the user. The settings you will use depend on your own network environment so you’ll obviously need to use your own values rather than just paste mine!

Once done your file should look like something like this. If you make mistakes, the installer will warn you about it. We will include screenshots for the lltsp of the installation process.

Now we’re done configuring the basics let’s build the LTSP environment and client tutoriap by issuing the following command. If you want a complete LTSP server with all the bells and whistles: This also does NOT require a re-creation of the squashfs image.

Linux Terminal Server Project – Welcome to

Provide user name and password. Check to see if both are there.

Now that you have lts your installation media, it’s time to tell your computer to use it. LTSP, the Linux Terminal Server Project, tytorial an open-source server that, when configured correctly, can save businesses a lot of money by requiring minimal amounts of hardware for many machine instances, it also makes keeping security, software and OS instances up to date with minimal effort.


If you did everything correctly, you will be presented with the display below. How to generate and check strong passwords in Linux January 18, We need to edit the last two lines and add a few more. As all users are connected centrally to LTSP server, it is easy to keep watch on users activity. This particular model has much less flexibilty since the clients must run the same version of distribution and platform as the server.

This means we need your help in creating up-to-date content for the wiki. It also says to use a desktop. Select your language and click on the Forward button. When the server is updated. Most computers made in the last 3 years should be fine, and many older computers too. Also, please note that only the 32bit DVD will work tutorixl Apple computers due to a bug in the Apple firmware.

On an installed system, you will have to install LTSP in order to use it. Changing the location allows you to perform tasks on a system that lies within the current system such as a linux install being mounted in a directory during a live CD. There is no separate chroot sometimes referred to as ltsp-pnp and the boot method is by nbd rather than nfs. Usually, the first network card in your system will be called “eth0” and the second card “eth1”.