Mahājanaka Jātaka (No. ). Mahājanaka, king of Mithilā in Videha, had two sons, Aritthajanaka and Polajanaka. On his death, the elder. The Jataka, Vol. VI, tr. by E.B. Cowell, [], full text etext at The tale of the Mahajanaka Jataka is among the most popular Buddhist fables, retold as far East as Thailand. In Cave 1 of the Ajanta Caves.

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Who has wounded me? If not, I will carry on trade and make money and seize my father’s kingdom. Punnaka, a yak or demon heard her love call and decided to marry her.

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The troops rounded up the doomed. When he arrived in Benares, the people were gathering to watch the snake jatqka. He swung his sword up high and shouted: Nangmaneemekhia, an angel protector of the ocean, came to see him and put him through various trials. Four months in advance of the arrival of King Vedeha, Mahosadha started to built a palace one mile outside the capital Uttara-pancala. Unless otherwise specified, all images from Wat Yai Intharam, Chonburi.

Rich garments, ivory, copper, skins,—all meet one ruthless fate; Turn back, O king, and save thy wealth before it be too late. Cowell adds on the margin of his text: After seven days of plunging through the heavy seas at top speed, the overloaded ship began to mahajanama. He told his mother of his plan and she offered to give him her gold and jewels, which were sufficient to win back the kingdom.

The queen met him on the stairs, but did not recognise him in his ascetic garb.

Description Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural 2. His Brahmin wife gave her a hot water mahajanaoa and prepared a bed for her and made her lie down. These troops tricked Culani’s family to go through the tunnel to the Jahajanaka River. Planks broke off, and the water rose higher and higher. But when Polajanaka proclaimed his innocence, miraculously his chains fell off and he was able to escape to a small village near the frontier of the kingdom.


Mahajanaka Jataka – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

When the queen awoke, she could find him nowhere. As he listened the meaning jatqka clear to him like the moon in the sky. Polajanaka escaped, and, when he had completed his preparations, laid siege to the city, killed Aritthajanaka, and seized the throne. The family priest, having comforted the people, folded his hands and bent down and said, “Rise, mahaajnaka lord, the kingdom belongs to thee. Some boys were playing there; and a girl was shaking some sand in a small winnowing-basket.

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Ajanta Cave 1 Mahajanaka Jataka mural 2. The queen sat down in a certain hall. Naga Queen Vimala longed to hear him speaking. The Jataaka agreed to give him away. She took him in her arms, and Mahajanaka, thrilled by the touch of the goddess, fell into a trance. His pupils came running up and asked him what it all meant. This palace had a secret tunnel, which led to the Ganges River and to Culani’s palace. She was alarmed for his safety, warning him of the dangers of the sea, but he was deaf to her words.

He at once came to the royal gate and signified to the princess that he was standing there.

The disguised god offered to take her there, and after entering the carriage, the queen fell into a heavy sleep. As the king had not eaten of the fruit no one ventured to gather any, and the king, as he rode on his elephant, gathered a fruit and ate it.

The queen also being unable to cross that line, and beholding the king going on with his back turned towards her, could not restrain her grief, and beat her breast, and, falling across, forced her way over the line. They said to her, “Those beings who possess such virtues as reverence for their mothers and the like do not deserve to fall into the sea,—look out for such”; but for those seven days she had not looked at the sea, for they say that her memory had become bewildered in her enjoyment of her.


The people were so angry about it, that King Sanjaya had to send away his son. Then the multitude deliberated and said, “No one can please the princess: One day, the King saw the beautiful heaven in his dream.

Mahajanaka accepted the invitation and performed the coronation ceremony in Mithila. But the Great Being never wept nor lamented nor invoked any deities, but knowing that the vessel was doomed he rubbed some sugar and ghee, and, having eaten his belly-full, he smeared his two clean garments with oil and put them tightly round him and stood leaning against the mast.

King Arithajanaka was the father of Mahajanaka who was killed by Polajanaka, his younger brother in the war of succession in the Mithila Kingdom.

When King Culani met Mahosadha, he realized that he could not hurt him, because his family had been taken hostage. The queen agreed, and a short time later she gave birth to a son, whom she called after his grandfather Mahajanaka.

Mahajanaka Jataka

But he took jayaka and dispossessed the real owners and put the wrong owners in possession. As he drew near, the princess could not stand still before his majestic bearing; and coming up she gave him her hand to lean on. Retrieved from ” http: The Bodhisatta as he sat under the white umbrella, beheld the great pomp of glory like Sakka’s magnificence, and he remembered his own struggles in the great ocean; “Courage is the right thing to put forth,—if I had not shewn courage in the great ocean, should I ever have attained this glory?